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Quackers is a non-profit making activity club caring for children aged 4-11 years before and after school. It is managed by a voluntary Management Committee.

The club is registered with Ofsted and meets all of the requirements made. You can rest assured that we provide quality care for our children in a warm, secure, stimulating environment.

A wide range of supervised activities are provided with access to large outdoor play areas and the children are free to choose which activities they would like to participate in.


Quackers provides a large range of activities including: Sports and team games, Art & craft, imaginative play, music & drama, manipulative play, cooking, outside play, books, puzzles, theme work, creative play, physical play, T.V., Computer games etc. A quiet area is also available, as well as an area to do homework. The emphasis is however on CHOICE- we provide a range of activities and your child is free to choose what they wish to do.

Most children will get involved in messy play and we therefore recommend they wear old clothing. Children are welcome to bring a change of clothes &/or footwear with them for after school care if you are concerned about school uniform. Please ensure all items coming in to the club are named - we have a large lost property box!


The club provides a light snack during after school care - consisting of a drink and toast, muffins, crumpets, pancakes or pitta bread. This is only a guide however, and the food provided by the club may well vary e.g. the children may be given the opportunity to make or cook a snack themselves (under staff supervision!) which they may then consume at snack time! The children will be expected to sit at tables to have their snacks.


The fees charged by the club represent only the costs involved in providing this service. The exact fees charged will be given to carers upon registration of their child with the club. Places must be booked in advance and carers are required to pay their fees in advance - by the preceding Friday for the following week. The preferred method of payment is bank transfer. Details of this can be obtained in the club. Please do not ask children to bring money for fees into the club, money can easily be mislaid and this can lead to tears! A receipt for all fees paid will be issued and records kept.



Quackers mobile – 07989 840188 


Club Manager:
Deputy Manager:
Helen Lown
Lesley Tanner


Chairperson:  Emma Dunn
Ashley Crittenden
Barry Symons
Susan Davis
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